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Empowering We the People through Sound Investment & Asset Management Practices with a Focus on both Financial & Bitcoin Education


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For years the government has insisted that the US Dollar is a reliable Store of Value but that is just not the case.


The purchasing power of the US Dollar is rapidly declining because of the continued increase of the overall supply of the Dollar currency units. This process of devaluation is known as INFLATION.


The evidence of the Dollars decline is impossible to ignore. Inflation is soaring and costs of everyday goods and services are spiraling out of control. These soaring prices are happening at the same time that the government and central bank are saying they are “fighting” inflation.


The truth is far from what the powers-that-be would have We the People believe. The erosion of your purchasing power is no accident; it's a consequence of both government fiscal and central bank monetary policies that prioritize short-term gains over long-term financial security.


It doesn't stop there. By Executive Order 14O67, the Biden administration will create the Digital Dollar in the form of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The CBDC grants unprecedented powers to the unelected central bank authorities. This is a major threat to We The People that cannot be ignored.


Unlike Cash, the CBDC can be monitored, programmed and restricted allowing unelected authorities to control your assets. The very essence of your personal freedom and financial security is at stake.


NOW IS THE TIME to educate yourself. Protect your family, Preserve your wealth, and Prioritize your investments to achieve Peace & Prosperity through the transition to a new digital financial age. (3).gif

Bitcoin is an Emerging Digital Asset Class 

Over the last 12 years, since Bitcoin first traded for $1, it has delivered a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 134% year over year.


Bitcoin is the #1 performing asset in the world and is now receiving the attention it deserves.

The last time the world experienced such an emerging asset class was from the invention of the combustible engine. This resulted in the almost limitless demand for oil and created an elite class of ownership.

The invention of blockchain technology for sound MONEY (AN INNOVATION TO PROTECT AGAINST INFLATION) will result in the almost limitless demand for this new and verifiably scarce digital commodity - BITCOIN - which will also create a new elite class of ownership.

NOW IS THE TIME to secure your purchasing power with Bitcoin which will not only give you the ability to survive but to thrive through the end of the fiat dollar currency lifecycle and beyond.

Traditional Money Systems are Evolving

CJ Konstantinos

Founder - CIA LLC

As we move forward, there are some rough times ahead for those not willing to learn about the internet economy or progress into the new digital frontier.


We are now witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.

Investment through this transition to the new digital financial system is a difficult and complex endeavor. There is a steep barrier to entry and sometimes an even steeper barrier to understanding.

Education is one of the key components in our success story. We educate our community on BOTH Traditional & Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Markets.

I have been involved in the cryptocurrency market since 2O14. I have gained invaluable experience navigating these new & volatile markets and have identified many opportunities for our members.


SYSTEMIC DIVERSIFICATION of your portfolio is REQUIRED in order to adjust to the shifting winds that we can all feel and see first hand.

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PREPARE NOW to Enjoy Later. Blessings!

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