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Welcome to Christian Investment Analysis (CIA), your source for sound investment in Bitcoin as the reserve asset of the internet economy and most pristine form of collateral in the world.

As revolutionary technology (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things) changes humanity and the Spirit of Anti-Christ works to bring about the New World Order described in The Revelation of Jesus Christ (learn more at, Christians have the advantage of foreknowledge in our future economy and governance (One World Government, One World Currency, One World Religion, etc.).


We invest in markets (Blockchain, AI, IoT) that offer freedom from corrupt debt-based banking policy now, but will be the exploited future consensus systems of control that allow the Anti-Christ to fulfill the Biblical prophecy of a financial system of control that can deny the right to buy or sell.

Now is the time to protect your wealth with Bitcoin savings technology. This emerging asset class will empower you to survive and thrive through the end of the fiat dollar currency lifecycle.

What the world intends to use for evil, God, if He wills, can use for good!

CURRENCy vs money?

cryptocurreny chart

Investment in the internet economy can be a difficult and complex endeavor. There is a steep barrier to entry and sometimes an even steeper barrier to understanding.


There are some rough times ahead for those not willing to learn or progress. We are witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.

Those who lose the least will be the best off, so we must prepare now...

Combining a Biblical World View and Investment Analysis, CIA will pilot you through investment opportunities in the emerging internet economy.

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CJ Konstantinos

Founder - CIA LLC

- I research and analyze Financial Markets, Economy, Technology, Politics, Culture, and Religious topics with a Biblical world view.

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