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Mainstream Media FAKE NEWS (aka Elitist Propaganda) has finally been exposed! 


CNN, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, etc. are a self imploding breed of artificial news and Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are centralized, censored, and dying platforms that have teamed up to take away the peoples' powerful free speech. 

Authentic News Casts, Analysis, and Special Reports based Truth, Current Events, Accurate History and Data, and Informed Opinions, is what the people of the news market rightfully desire and deserve.


There is an Information War against humanity because knowledge is power. The BFV Newsletter is here to help fill the malicious informational void created by the globalist within the news market, especially financial news.

It is the DUTY of the PRESS to report with Integrity and Professionalism. CIA is here to apply the InfoWarrior Mindset, Worldview, and Analysis to the Financial News through the BFV Newsletter.


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