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Combining a Biblical world view and investment analysis, CIA will pilot you through investment opportunities in the internet economy.

As a CIA Member you will receive access to the Members Only Area content including:


Premium Portfolios (Crypto & Stock)

The CIA Crypto Portfolio is a list of cryptocurrencies the CIA recommends. It also contains the percentage of the CIA portfolio that is currently allocated into each coin. Check back often as allocation % change quarterly in this emerging asset class. 

The CIA Stock Portfolio is a list of future tech (Blockchain AI, IoT) stocks the CIA recommends as distributed ledger technology transforms finance.

Prem P

Portfolio Overviews (Crypto & Stock)

The CIA Portfolio Overview is a list of cryptocurrencies and stocks the CIA recommends with their general summaries and resource links. It goes into a deeper explanation of the currencies/companies and in some cases the tech side of each blockchain/currency.

Portfolio Overview

Market Analysis Reports

Market Analysis Reports are one of the biggest perks of becoming a CIA member.

Reports cover everything from in-depth market analysis and forecasting, the latest information concerning currency trends, market cap movements, and current news and events analysis to stay on top of your investments and ahead of the market.

Market AR

Diversification Recommendations

Like all investments, Digital Currency has its risks.

See what the CIA recommends as a hedge against a crypto pullback and even the crash of the Dollar.

Div Rec

CIA Community Forum

Connect with the CIA Community!

Ask questions, Talk live trades, Potential Market Movers, Up-and-Coming Alt-Coins, ICO's, etc.



The coded Cryptonomics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been strategically designed to exploit free market economic functions to manifest boom and busts cycles. The historical data clearly shows the economic effects (the free market at work) of the coded inflation rate adjustments. Together we will track and trade these highly lucrative cycles.


Beginner Guides

Getting into the Digital Market is no easy task. There is quite a learning curve. I am not sure there has been any other similar size market cap asset that has been so hard to begin to invest in!

Beg Guides

Tips & Tricks

CIA has put together a few Tips and Tricks for making your journey easier as you navigate the tech heavy cryptocurrency marketplace.

Tips & T

Cryptocurrency Dictionary

CIA is continually building an index of crypto jargon, so the beginner can easily have a reference for their self edification.

Crypto dictionary

Actionable Intelligence (A.I)

A.I. defines past cyclical performance data to identify specific instances of profitable opportunities within various timeframes and phases of the cryptonomics cycle.


BFV & My 2 Sats Newsletters

The BFV newsletter provides free commentary on current events that effect the cryptocurrency markets, but My 2 Sats members-only newsletter updates provide our BTC market commentary, annotated charts, and meticulous chronicling of the Bitcoin mining network for members to follow along as we track network growth.


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